Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the Fuel Pump!

A couple of weeks ago, as mentioned in the previous post, I was having issues with my car. I ended up taking it in to the Dealership this week to get it checked out. I had to leave it with them for a couple of days so they could get a good look at it. So the guy that drives the dealership's shuttle was nice enough to give me a ride back to campus.
After two long days I finally got a call from them. The mechanics had diagnosed it and traced the problem to a bad fuel pump. I was actually surprised because initially that is what I thought it was before I thought it was the computer system. So with a new fuel pump on order I was going to have to wait another day.

Yesterday it was supposed to be done and ready to be picked up, which was good because I had stuff to take care of. But, there was a mistake in the part order they made. They ordered the fuel pump, but they are now required to change some other part with it. Ford recently changed this rule and they used the old order code instead of the new one, which gave them only the fuel pump and not the other part as well.

They did let me go ahead and pick up my car yesterday when I needed it. It was nice to have it back. I was in a good mood to have my car back so I took it by the car wash and got it all cleaned up while I was out.

I do have to take my car back today in a few hours so they can finish the job. So that means I'm going to have to sit there for an hour while they fix it. But at least they will finally be done and my car will be good to go!


PiccChic said...

It really is frustrating when you are used to having something and all the sudden, you have to deal without it for awhile, such as your car. I have had the fuel pump go out on my car before too, and it was not fun. I took it to the gas station and filled it up, but the needle never moved. Since I never knew how much gas I had left, I had to keep track of the mileage, and put money in whenever I had some. Eventually, my dad ended up taking it in and getting it fixed for me, but it always seems that you need your car the most when you don't have it. Hope they get it fixed this time!