Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had my car for about three months before we moved into our new house. It just so happened that one of my new neighbors had just bought a new Mustang GT around the same time as me. I was instantly amazed when I saw his car. He didn't just have a GT, but a Saleen supercharged Mustang GT with a sick body kit. Not to mention the twenty inch chrome mirrors he had for rims. The whole car just looked simply amazing to me. I know this may make me seem unappreciative of my new Mustang, but I have to admit I was jealous!

Well to get back to the point, he had just bought these new twenty inch chrome torque thrust rims for his car. So what was wrong with the ones that came on his car? Nothing at all. They were eighteen inch polished aluminum (not to be confused with chrome) Mustang GT rims that were an upgrade of the ones I had. So of course I saw them sitting in his garage when I went over to look at his car.

He had seen me drive by in my car and new I had a mustang too, so he mentioned the fact that they would look pretty dang good on my car. Which is exactly what I was thinking the whole time. And the funny thing is, I new he would try to sell them to me, and I was hopping that he would try to.

They were in perfect condition seeing that he only had the car for a few months and wasn't even using them anymore, so I was definitely interested. My dad tried talking me out of it of course. That didn't work though, I was already set on them. I went a few weeks without really showing much interest in them, and then later found out that my dad had bought them from the guy as an early Christmas present. I was PSYCHED! I rushed over to his house right after school and he helped me put them on. And I was impressed. I liked them a lot, and I got my dad to admit that they looked good too. That took a lot for him to admit that I was right.

Well the whole point of this story is so I can tell you want happened a few weeks ago. You may notice that the rims on my car in the pictures are not quite the eighteen inch polished aluminum ones that I was so proud of. Tragically, I was driving along in pretty bad icy conditions, and I started to loose control of my car. Right as I turned my wheel to save it, I hit a pothole. Of course I hit the pothole with my wheels turned to the side. The end result did not make happy at all to say the least. The right front rim hit the pothole at an angle, therefore the rim itself not the rubber, hit the concrete crater that was positioned nicely in the middle of the road. It busted a piece out about four or five inches long. The piece completely broke off.

There was really not much I could do about it. It actually happened on what used to be Walmart property. Which was then sold to our local Metropolis mall. And right before this happened they sold it to some random company in Texas I had never heard of. So I gave up on trying to blame it on private property owners. Luckily I still had my original rims and tires still sitting in my garage with brand new Perelli tires on them. So ideally I am using them now. I will probably look to get my busted up rim fixed or replaced this summer. But the ones I have on now are starting to grow on me a little bit, so who knows I might just settle for the ones I have on now.