Friday, February 13, 2009


So most of you have probably seen the movie Transformers before. If you have then you know about all the cool effects that seem to make robots able to turn into all kinds of cool cars. One of these robots, named Barricade, transforms into a Mustang cop car. Personally this is one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Anyways there is a man by the name of Jesse Vigil who ownes a 2007 mustang. He also has a young son that loves the Transformers movie. One of his son's first toys was the Barricade mustang from Transformers. Well he got the great idea to make his Mustang a replica of the one on the movie. He mostly did this to make his son happy. It was just something he wanted to do for his son after he got back from fighting in Iraq. Of course his son loved it. What little kid wouldn't want to ride around in a transformers car?

Jesse didn't see any real problems in doing this to his Mustang, even though it makes his car look like a cop car. He was making his son happy and riding around in a pretty cool car! But you could only imagine what the cops in his area thought.

The police were very defensive about this. They pulled him over several times and threatened to give him a ticket. But they couldn't technically give him a ticket because he wasn't trying to impersonate a police officer. As long as he doesn't try to pull someone over, or enforce the law using his car, they can't really do anything about it. The first amendment protects him from getting a ticket in this case.

I am not real sure where I would stand on this. I can see why the cops wouldn't be very happy about this. But is he really breaking the law? I am going to have to say that as long as his intentions are good he should be allowed to keep the car like it is. It would be different if he was using the car to his advantage and actually impersonating a police officer. But it seems like he just wanted to have a fun car and make his son happy. This is really hard for me to make an opinion, just for the fact that I can understand both sides to this story. In the end, I think they should just leave him alone as long as he is not bothering anyone.