Friday, February 20, 2009

Problems With The Newer Models?

Anyone who has read any part of my blog can tell you that I am in love with Mustangs. Well actually if you just took one look at it you would know that. I don't like to admit it much when I do find flaws in them of course. But I have found some. Some of these things come from personal experience too.

I seem to have trouble with just about anything expensive I have or buy now. For example, my 1100 dollar Dell XPS laptop computer. I have had trouble with it from the beginning. Come to find out just a couple of weeks ago, my operating system was corrupt, and all my software was as well. And they said they knew that by things that my computer was doing from the start. Not something that happened to it overtime. So I had to pay 500 dollars for it to be fixed. The warranty apparently doesn't cover anything that was wrong with it. BS!!

Anyways I have had issues with my car as well. It is only two and a half years old but it still has problems. Over the summer my car started doing weird things like automatically turning off the TCS (Traction Control System). And at the same time it would tell me that my brake fluid was low. This just happened randomly and for seemingly no reason at all. I took it in to the Ford dealership and they never found anything, until I caught it when it was actually doing it and they looked at it then. Come to find out the master cylinder was bad and was messing with the computer in my car. That would be why it was randomly doing those things.

They fixed the problem and it has been OK ever sense, until last week at least. I was pulling off my road, and my gas gauge went from over half a tank to empty in like a millisecond. And as I got on the gas it felt like I had half the power as usual in my car. I thought this was really weird and couldn't connect why the two would happen at the same time, at least not in a newer model car. So I stopped at a gas station and let it sit, and when I started it up it was fine and the gas gauge went back to half a tank. It has been fine ever sense.

I am taking my car in this week to get it checked out and make sure it is OK. The only thing that I know it could be would be a glitch in the cars computer system, or maybe a sensor. I'm not a mechanic by any means, but if it was something mechanical it wouldn't act like that and then just seemingly go away. I love the new mustangs, but I do think that there were some kinks that were not worked out in them. I did some research and found that other new Mustang owners had problems with fuel sensors and things like that a lot. Well I am just going to hope for the best and thank God that I have warrantly left on it!