Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cops, Don't Be Profiling My Ride!

Have you ever heard the saying that cops target certain types of cars? A lot of people think that if they drive a certain type of car or certain color of car then they are most likely to be pulled over. Well there may be a little bit of truth behind that.

The most common example would be the red car. I've heard this one a lot. People think that because they drive a red car that they are automatically targeted and have no chance if they are breaking a traffic law to get away with it.

I do think, along with many other people, that you are more likely to get pulled over if you are speeding if you are driving a red car. Also if you are driving a car that stands out among others. But also, I do think that most of the time this is unintentional and not just an unfair case of profiling.

If you think about it, the color red stands out to the human eye. It is bright and doesn't blend in very well with surroundings. It makes sense that if you are driving a red car that you will be noticed more among other cars, therefore the cop with the radar is more likely to see you first. I don't think this is the police officer's fault, but rather just a perfectly normal human reaction.

For example, just think of a person with severe A.D.D. They are walking along a boring sidewalk talking with their friend about a dull subject such as...political views. When all the sudden there is a brand new shiny penny on the side walk, and instead of finishing the sentence about the new Obama presidency, they blurt out, "Oooh shiny!!!" But they didn't even seem to notice all the other old dull pennies lying around. I think that this is the same sort of concept but maybe exaggerated a bit.

But I don't think that this only applies to the color of the car, but also what type and if it is customized or not. Obviously a Corvette or a Ferrari will stand out in traffic amongst minivans and sedans. Also cars that have been customized with cool looking aftermarket accessories and effects. If you are breaking the law I think that it is obvious you are more likely to be caught if you are more noticeable. So if you do drive a sweet ride that is different, or just stands out because its red, be careful! Or just don't be like me and speed and get two tickets in a year. Trust me, that is not fun!