Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Top 3

The Mustang is one of the most known cars in the world. Ask pretty much anyone if they know what a Ford Mustang is and they will most likely say yes. Well at least I would hope so. Yea everyone knows what a Mustang is, but not everyone knows that there are so many different types.

Shelby Mustangs^

Lets start with the basics. The stock Mustangs come in only two main forms. Those two different variations would be the v6 and the v8, also known as the Mustang GT. The v6 is usually known for being the more basic of the two with less power, and frankly looked down on by a lot of v8 muscle car enthusiast. The v8 is of course more powerful and usually the one we would pick out of the two. But if you have a broader knowledge of Mustangs then you realize there is so much more to choose from!

I'll start with my all time favorite Mustang; the Shelby GT 500 KR Mustang. The KR stands for King of the Road. The GT 500 boasts its power in its name. Its has over 500 horse power, hence the name GT 500. The new ones have a 5.4 litre supercharged engine that push out over 540 horse power. That would be enough to get the adrenaline going for me! The 1967 GT 500 was made an icon of muscle cars when it played a role in the movie Gone in 60 seconds. The power and the classic nature of this beast puts it at the top of my list.

^ Saleen Mustang

My next favorite is the Saleen Mustang. Saleen was founded in 1983 by a racer named Steve Saleen who produced the first Saleen Mustang in 1984. Saleen's worries at first were just looks and using the stock Mustang engine. But things have changed quite a bit. Aside from the amazing looks of the Saleen Mustang it has some power that will kick butt. The Saleen Mustang can make about 465 horse power with its 4.6 litre supercharged V8. Saleen also makes another version using a Saleen built v8 engine that has about 550 horse power. The Saleen Mustang is the one used as the police car in the Transformers movie. I think that car is really awesome in the movie and is one of the reasons it is my second favorite Mustang.

^ 2005 Roush Mustang

The third favorite on my top three is the Roush Mustang. Jack Roush knows plenty about racing. His race career goes years back. He not only owns a Nascar team, but he has been dealing with Mustangs for more than twelve years too. To start off with the Roush Mustang just looks amazing. It has a sweet looking body and wheel kit. But the performance is the what makes it. Under the hood you will find a Roush made supercharger (Roushcharger) that gives the v8 enough juice to make up to 435 horses. It also has high performance shocks and struts and high performance tires for the road courses.

Take a look at all three of these beasts and you can see why they aren't just your every day Mustang. They are truly works of art and pure power. If you never realized there are other Mustangs out there besides your basic v6 and GT Mustangs, now you can broaden your view to see what the Mustang really has to offer.


Claripet said...

I didn't know there were more than one style of Mustang. I should have figured because I have seen a Shelby. But even then I didn't suspect there would be more.
Cool deal, good post.