Sunday, March 22, 2009

v6 Shelby

When most people think of Shelby Mustangs they most likely think v8. The Shelby Mustang is most known for its v8 power in the Shelby GT500, which pushes about 500 horse power.

But Shelby switched things up a little bit when he introduced the Shelby CS 6 Mustang. It is a v6 Mustang that is far from stock. It has more horsepower than the Mustang GT pushing a little more than 350 horses.

The power plant behind this horse power is a twin turbo v6 engine that will be introduced in 2010 as an Eco boost 3.5 liter instead of the 4.0 liter running the v6 Mustang now. The new Eco boost engine will be more powerful and more fuel efficient. A lot of v8 lovers do not seem to like the idea behind the v6 Shelby, but it is actually very practical.

The v6 is lighter and more fuel efficient. With this package it is putting out quite a bit more power than GT Mustangs. And also it accelerates faster and handles better too. It is nowhere near the car the Shelby GT 500 is, but it is certainly a couple of steps up from a stock v6.

The package comes with the Shelby body kit, the twin turbo charging kit, bigger breaks, 20 inch rims, and dual exhaust, not to mention the Shelby logo it shows off. To get all this including the added power, on top of the price of a v6 Mustang comes out to be about the same as the price of a GT Mustang, but with more power! If I had the opportunity to do this to my v6 I would definitely consider it.