Sunday, March 22, 2009

2010 Mustang

The 2005 Mustang was a dramatic change from the previous models. The new body style made the mustang look more muscular and powerful. Not to mention the strong retro appearance the new models show off.

I fell in love with Mustangs before the these new models came out, but when they did I fell in love all over again. I was overall completely satisfied with the appearance of the 2005 Mustang, so I was ecstatic when I got a 2006 Mustang of my own.

Once again Ford is changing the appearance of the Mustang. The 2010 Mustang is going to be slightly different than the previous models. They will be coming out in late 2009. I have been looking into the new 2010 Mustang, trying to establish an opinion on it. I haven't quit made up my mind if I like it better than the 2005 models or not.

There are a lot of things I noticed I like better about the 2010 Mustang, but there are also a couple of things that I really don't like from what I have seen. The over all appearance is really similar but noticeably different. The front end I really like. It is really close to the 2005 Mustang front end but it looks more aggressive. Also the new hood is also more aggressive which resembles a cowl hood.

I also really like the interior. It looks a little more modern and sporty than before and offers more options. From what I have seen I do like the interior better. Another cool thing about them is that they offer a glass roof option which I really like.

The only thing that I do not like about the 2010 Mustang so far is the rear end. I don't like the back of them at all. From the pictures that I have seen it just looks a little weak or something, especially compared to the 2005 Mustang. But that is just my opinion from the photos that I have seen. I may change my overall opinion when I actually see them in person when they come out.

So right now I am leaning towards liking the 2005 Mustang better than the 2010 Mustang, but that is mostly just because I don't like what I've seen of the back end. Other than that it seems to be a pretty legitimate car. I found a really cool website that does a good job showing the overall appearance and options on the 2010 Mustang. It is definitely worth checking out if you want a close up look at it and if you want to make your own opinion on it. I will link the website above and also put the website as the first one under the check these sites out section.