Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Suds

One of my favorite places to cruise by and chill for a while on a summer evening is The Suds. It is located in Greenwood, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. The suds was once a part of the Dog 'N Suds chain. But was sold to a different owner and they eventually dropped from the franchise and became "The Suds" in 1983. Over the past 20 years the old fashioned drive in restaurant has been closed, repurchased and reopened several times. Just this past July The Suds restaurant reopened again to serve the community.

Me and my friends don't go here to eat though. A couple of years ago my friend Josh invited me to go up to The Suds on a Saturday evening to look at some cool cars. This is the first time I ever herd of this place. I thought that it was just a temporary thing, a scheduled annual car show or something. But actually it is just an every Friday or Saturday night thing where all kinds of people from around the area bring their old muscle cars or tricked out new rides. You can just cruise through and find a spot to park your ride then walk around for hours looking at cars with out getting bored.

I was really surprised at the number of people that were there. I guess it has really grown in popularity over the past few years. Some times you have to drive around for quite sometime to find a spot to squeeze your car in amongst the hundreds of other cars. It is one of the coolest things that I have ever seen though. The atmosphere is just really laid back, and anyone who wants can come by and check out other peoples prized possessions.

It is a usual thing for me or Josh to call each other up on a Saturday night in the summer and ask if we want to wax our cars up real good and head up to The Suds. I usually take a few hours cleaning up my Mustang real good while he washes his truck up real nice.

At The Suds you will see all kinds of different cars. A lot of them are old fixed up American Muscle cars. But there are also a lot of newer cars too. Last summer we even saw an old fixed up fire truck, that if I had to guess was like from the 50's or 60's. You never know what you will see when you go. Its a good opportunity for people to go up and ask what they've done to their ride and get some suggestions on what to do to theirs as well.

Writing this blog entry is really making me look forward to summer. It makes it even worse that it is really nice and warm today. It just makes me more anxious for summer. Well if any of you live or are around the Indianapolis area this summer and are into cars, you should definitely check this place out!