Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What it takes to keep her clean

Like I said, I spend a lot of time cleaning my mustang. Its hard to keep up on it seeing that its black, but it can be done. Since I clean it so much I have used my fair share of car products. Well you should see the back of my trunk. It looks like the car care isle at Autozone back there.

Some of the products I use seem to do better than others. And a lot of similar products do about the same job as far as wax goes. Usually I use Mothers car wax. If not Mother's then I use Meguiar's wax.
Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I just use the quik detailing spray wax by Meguiar's. It usually does a pretty good job of getting rid of all the annoying water spots you can see on black cars. This is usually good when I'm in a hurry and want to go over to the car show with a clean car. It takes about a half an hour usually versus the two or three it would take me to actually wax and buff which I always do by hand. As far as tire shine goes I always and have only used Black Magic. It does a pretty decent job so I stuck with it.
One of my favorite car cleaning products I use is the Mr. Clean Auto Dry car wash kit. It works pretty well. It doesn't get rid of all the water spots, but it definitely helps. Plus it is a lot faster than the soap and water bucket deal. It has everything you need in one hand held hose attachment. But since i wash my car so much i go through a few filters pretty fast, but they are not to expensive.
Just like the outside, i try to keep the inside spotless. I always just use the Armor All interior care wipes. They are the fastest and easiest way to do it, and they work. I also own a portable vacuum that can be plugged into the car outlet. It is pretty small so I have to dump out all the dirt often, but it is better than using those ones at the car wash I hate so much.
My last line of defence I use for washing my car is the all so famous Mike's car wash. That is usually what I do in the winter time when it is too cold to hand wash. I used to never do this until last year. I never liked taking my car through the auto car washes because I can be a freak about swirl marks, and one of my friends told me that they leave them on your car especially if you have new black paint. Swirl marks are just thin surface scratch marks that can be left in your paint, but usually can be buffed out. I finally gave up on worrying about that. I would rather not wash my car outside when its twenty degrees. That is no fun at all. I just can't wait until summer. That way I can get outside and actually enjoy cleaning my car, inside and out. This is actually one of my favorite hobbies on days that I have nothing to do.