Monday, January 26, 2009

My Baby!!!

Well I've had my 2006 mustang since June of 2006. It was bought brand new and I have been in love with it ever sense.

I have loved mustangs ever sense I new what they were pretty much. Mustangs are by far my favorite car. I love everything about them, especially the new s197 (05-09) body style. This is my favorite, maybe its just because i have one. But mostly because they are made to resemble the older mustangs from the 60's and 70's.

Yes my mustang is a v6... and I do get crap about it believe me. Mostly from my buddies who ask why I didn't get a v8. But I have learned to laugh it off. Never the less she is still my baby! I love the GTs of course, but I'm glad I have a v6. Its not the fastest car in the world, but she'll still get up and go. Fast is the last thing I need right now anyways. I've already had one ticket in the past year and sure don't have the extra hundred and fifty bucks to dish out again. Gas mileage is better and insurance is a hell of a lot cheaper too.

Black I think is definitely the color of choice for a sports car. I would pick black over anything, because when its clean nothing can touch it. But that's WHEN ITS CLEAN. So I do spend a lot of time cleaning it. It gets washed a couple times a week especially in the summer. In the winter I kind of give up because its next to impossible up here to keep it salt free. I also wax it probably once a month at least. So I stay on top of it usually. Black Ice is what I decided to call my car. I think the name fits it, especially when it is all cleaned and has a nice coat of wax on it.


kah said...

So, I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with your car. I really like what you've done with is so far. (When I say so far, I just mean that I don't know if you're going to do anything else to it or not.) I totally agree with you when you say that the only color for a sports car is black; even if it is a pain to keep it clean, especially in the winter time with all the snow and slush. While Mustangs aren't my favorite, I still think that they're a pretty nice car.

trueguy said...

I agree with kah, your car is really cool. I’m jealous, even though I’m more of a corvette kind of guy myself. That’s alright. Whenever I see a black sports car I’m always reminded of the bat mobile, not the new one that looks like a tank but the old one…anyways I don’t know if any of you know what I’m talking about.

Personally, my favorite color for a sports car is Midnight/Dark Blue. I guess that that is pretty close to black though anyways. One thing that needs to be put out there about cars in general is that they need to stop making cars that are yellow, I just think that yellow is a bad color for any kind of car.

Has an issue said...

Nice choice of cars, I must say that the mustang is the legendary muscle car. Yours looks pretty sick. I like the grill and the hood scoop is nice seeing that you don’t see very many of those on the v6. I love the mustang as well, besides my daily driver (2004 Crossfire) I have a 1990 Mustang Gt 5.0 with the 5 speed. They are truly an amazing car to drive. I love the feel for the road that the mustang gives its driver. Yes, i also have to agree about the look of black when it is clean. My Crossfire is black and when kept clean a black sports car is magnificent.