Thursday, April 2, 2009

Foose on the Loose

Many of you have probably seen the show Overhaulin on TV before. If so then you know who Chip Foose is. Chip Foose is an incredible car designer with years of experience starting at a very young age. On the show Chip and his crew "The A Team" take a week to design a car for a deserving and oblivious client. What happens is the person's family or friends enter their car in the show without their knowledge and they think that their car has been stolen all the while it is in the hands of one of the best car designers around. And Chip Foose and the Foose design teem spend a week completely redesigning what usually starts out as a rust bucket and turn it into a one of a kind piece of art. They "Overhaul" the entire car inside and out and that usually includes a new engine under the hood.

Chip Foose doesn't just show off his designing for the TV show though. He has designed his own version of several different cars. One of these just happens to be the Mustang. Chip spent a lot of sweat and time into the design of the Chip Foose Edition Mustang Stallion. He did everything from drawing up the sketches, to shaping the clay, to adding the additional power adders to the car.
The list of things the Chip Foose Edition Mustang has to offer include:
1) Foose designed Mustang body which includes the redesigning of pretty much every body panel on the car including the hood and front and rear facial.
2)Aerodynamic rear spoiler
3)Custom graphics
4)Foose designed 20 inch rims
5)Racing shocks, coils, and sway bars
6)Performance breaks
7)Ford Racing parts including exhaust
8)Custom interior
With the supercharger and all the performance upgrades the Foose Mustang puts out about 425 horse power. There aren't very many of these cars out there, they only make a few thousand a year for a limited time. The Foose Edition Mustang Stallions start at about 40 thousand dollars, that is if you are one of the lucky ones who can get your hands on it.